Welcome to the official website of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 520. We appreciate your interest in our local union and thank you for taking the time to visit. Here you can learn more about our 100 year-plus history, our mission, our leadership, the unmatched training we provide our members and our commitment to our members, contractors and business partners in and around the City of Austin.

Since 2017, I have been honored to serve as the Business Manager/Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 520 and lead our 1,000+ members, who represent the best in the electrical industry.  Likewise, our signatory union contractors also represent the best in the business.  We appreciate their loyalty and are grateful for our mutually beneficial business relationships.  We continue to invest our energies in improving the lives of our members and contractors through hard work, smart politics, effective organizing and the development of a highly educated, unparalleled union workforce.

Matt Friestman – Business Manager – IBEW Local 520

Our Mission

The mission of IBEW Local 520 is to work with and for our members to secure stable employment, a competitive wage and the opportunity to seek and earn a higher standard of living.   We strive to create an environment whereby our signatory electrical contractors partner with the best trained and most skilled workforce in the electrical industry.  IBEW Local 520′s focus on training and continuing education keeps our members informed of the constantly changing electrical technology allowing our contractors to outperform our non-union competition.


The Austin Electrical JATC was created through a partnership between IBEW Local 520 and our signatory contractors and provides an apprenticeship program and continuing education for existing and prospective members. 


We work every day for our members and with our contractors to market the benefits of union labor to the business community and meet our goal of employment for every one of our members.   


We strive to be a great partner for our contractors, area businesses and our community.   We take great pride in our work, our ethics and giving back through programs like Habitat for Humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

As a signatory contractor, we rely on Local Union 520 to provide us a skilled labor force that allows us to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our customers.    

Having a trained and professional workforce available to us allows us to bid on jobs of all sizes knowing that the dispatch office of Local Union 520 will be there to help us fill positions as bids are won.

The collaborative partnership with Local Union 520 is a key ingredient of our success.

As a small signatory contractor, we don't have the resources to continually hire and train staff to meet our employment needs.   IBEW Local 520 fills this gap for us by providing us all of the staff to meet our needs, which allows us to focus on growing our business - which makes us more money and allows us to employ more people.

Why should I join IBEW Local Union 520 ?


IBEW members earn more than their non-union counterparts - period!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1, IBEW members in the construction industry may earn up to 50% more than non-union workers.



  • Insurance
  • Training
  • Job Placement


Members receive a defined-benefit National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) pension that is funded by the contractors, the IBEW member pension and a defined contribution pension.

Why become a Signatory Contractor ?

Professional Workforce

Being a signatory contractor allows you access to the highly skilled and trained membership of the IBEW Local 520.   

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While you focus on growing and running your business, let us help to ensure that you have a plentiful group of professional and trained personnel to meet your business needs.

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Our Philosophy

To work together and provide quality service in the electrical industry and create a win-win-win environment for our membership, your business and the overall community.

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Our Location

Contact Us

IBEW Local Union 520
4818 E. Ben White Blvd.
Austin TX 78741

Hours: M-F // 7:30-5:00

(512) 326-9540

Job Line:
(512) 326-9545