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IBEW Local 520 - Electricians

As a licensed electrician in Central Texas, there is more out there for you.

You have the ability to attain upgrade training, great benefits, competitive wages and consistent work. Electrician employment opportunities have never been better.

IBEW Local 520 - Licensed Electrician

Providing for your family is more than just bringing home enough money to put food on the table. IBEW Local 520 recognizes this and has fought to help our members receive the benefits they deserve.

Any electricians looking for employment should consider the entire compensation package, which includes a great hourly wage, excellent medical insurance and a good retirement package.

Having good health insurance for you and the family is important. That is why IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors provide family health insurance. Members and their families no longer have to worry or think twice about the cost to see a doctor.

In Texas, employers are not required to provide workers’ compensation as they are in many other states nationwide. As a licensed electrician, if you are hurt on the job because of unsafe conditions, your employer may not offer you any assistance. All IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors are compelled to provide workers’ compensation.

We all work so that we can enjoy life in retirement. IBEW Local 520 has a pension plan that rewards your years of service. IBEW Local 520 members also can contribute to a 401k plan.

If you would like more information about how you can take advantage of the great benefits that are out there, please fill out the form on this page.

Through collective bargaining, IBEW Local 520 electricians know what their wage is going to be. From the time an apprentice enters the trade all the way to their retirement, they can be sure they are earning a fair and livable wage.

Once a journeyman’s license is attained, the electrician earns an hourly base rate. This is not stagnant, as our collective bargaining agreement includes raises as well. If a licensed electrician does not wish to seek a journeyman’s license, their pay will be a percentage of the journeyman base rate based on a skills evaluation.

Under this collective bargaining agreement each hour of work is accounted for. Once an electrician works 40-hours in a week, every additional hour will see at least time and a half in pay.

Equal pay is something that is important to IBEW 520. Regardless of your race or gender, if you have the same level of industry experience, you are guaranteed to receive the same pay. Everyone that joins IBEW 520 is given the same opportunities.

You have the power to take advantage of these competitive wages and improve your situation! Fill out the form on this page for more information.

The only way to keep earning a healthy paycheck and great benefits is to work! Central Texas is seeing many companies come to the region with headquarters, distribution centers and other facilities. The members of IBEW Local 520 build these facilities and the future of our work is bright.

Electricians work is in high demand. From maintenance electrician jobs to work underground, work in hospitals, new build projects and other construction electrician jobs, our contractors are hiring.

As a member of IBEW Local 520, you will not be beholden to just one contractor. If any of the signatory contractors have an abundance of work and need more electricians, you can go work on those projects.  As a member of our union, the union works to place you in a job, if you happen to find yourself out of work. Do not waste time searching online for phrases such as indeed electrician jobs, job electrical, ibew jobs, journeymen electrician jobs, electrician union jobs near me  or indeed electrical jobs. Our contractors are hiring licensed electricians and we can put you to work.

The benefits and wages you enjoy with one signatory contractor travel with you when you go to work for another contractor, and you have the support network of the Local Union to help you transition from one job to the next.

If you’ve experienced long periods of being out of work and would like to take advantage of the current construction boom, please fill out the form.

Good Electricians never stop learning. As a licensed electrician, you have room to grow and become a better master of your craft.

Through the Austin Electrical Training Alliance, licensed electricians can take advantage of upgrade courses that will help them attain certifications and learn additional skills that can help them stay employed.

Additionally, upgrade training does not cost you anything, and pursuit of a journeyman’s license can result in an increased hourly wage!

Fill out the form below to get more information about how you can obtain upgrade training to increase your skill set.

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