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IBEW Local 520 - Electricians

Improving the lives of the licensed electricians in central Texas

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IBEW Local 520 - Licensed Electrician

During these turbulent times, consistent work is important. As a licensed electrician, there are plenty of opportunities for construction work as projects continue to present themselves throughout our jurisdiction.

Central Texas is booming with construction now and in the future! Our signatory contractors need licensed electricians who are prepared to go to work to get the job done. When one job is complete, IBEW Local 520 members move to the next, even if their current employer has no work. If work is to ever dry up in Central Texas, which we do not see happening any time soon, IBEW members are encouraged to travel to other IBEW jurisdictions where they can be put to work. The employment connection spans farther than just the central Texas region.

Are you sick of not receiving consistent work hours? For consistent work, fill out the form on this page and we can get you working in no time.

Taking pride in quality training is what the IBEW was founded on. As a licensed electrician, we understand that you have been working in the construction industry for years and may not need any additional training. Despite this, the Austin Electrical Training Alliance, provides upgrade training courses for licensed electricians to further their training and obtain safety certifications.

Additionally, taking part in upgrade training courses and working to earn certifications will increase your wage rate. As the electrical construction industry evolves, IBEW Local 520 ensures that our membership can involve with it to increase their opportunities.

Knowledge is power. Through better training programs, IBEW Local 520 electricians make themselves better equipped to take on more job opportunities.

If you are ready to move forward, fill out the form on this page and an IBEW 520 representative will reach out to you.

It is easier to show up and give it your all at work knowing there is more work for you once a project is completed. The contractors signatory to IBEW Local 520 know they are getting highly trained and skilled tradesmen or tradeswomen from Local 520. Although our members typically stay with one contractor, they can go and work for another if they have a need.

The sense of job security through consistent work keeps the Local 520 members working hard and focused on completing projects.

The work outlook in central Texas is great. With many companies coming to the area, there is an abundance of work already secured by IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors. If this building boom dries up, Local 520 members have the ability to go work in another IBEW Locals jurisdiction until work returns.

Do you want to take advantage of this abundance of work? Please fill out the form on the right to be contacted by a representative.

As a licensed electrician, you have a unique and marketable skill set. What you are making now may be enough to get by, but there is more out there. Through a collective bargaining agreement with signatory contractors, IBEW Local 520 members make a guaranteed wage based on their experience and level of training. There are ways to improve your wages and move up as a member of IBEW Local 520.

As a licensed electrician, you already have experience. Depending on your demonstrated experience, your wage will go up. More training is available to attain an even higher wage. Upward mobility is also encouraged by Local 520. By working as a foreman you can increase your wages even further.

Overtime is also available. With the amount of work slated within the IBEW Local 520 jurisdiction, electricians can earn increased wages by working more than 40-hours per week.

If you want to discuss wages in more detail, fill out the form on the right and someone will contact you shortly.

Does your employer provide you with the benefits for a healthy life, such as health insurance for you and family? When IBEW Local 520 collectively bargains for our members contracts, benefits play a major factor. Does your current employer provide workers’ compensation? Does your current employer provide family health insurance? IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors do.

IBEW Local 520 understands that when an electrician is not worried about their health coverage or if they will be provided workers’ compensation, they can better focus on their tasks. That is why our membership and their families are provided health insurance on top of livable wages.

Are you ready to start earning these benefits? Fill out the form on this page and we will reach out soon.

The number one goal when a licensed electrician leaves home in the morning is to return home safely after a day of work. With less Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections of job sites being conducted, more hazards are being encountered by licensed electricians each day.

IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors provide OSHA training for their workers so they can identify and fix hazards that may put them and other tradesmen and tradeswomen at risk. Additionally, training courses such as Infection Control Risk Assessment are provided so licensed electricians can work in medical facilities. This is just one example of additional training provided to increase opportunities for Local 520 members.

If you are a licensed electrician who is ready to work, please fill out the contact form on this page and an IBEW 520 representative will reach out to you shortly.

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