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IBEW Local 520 opens a new satellite Hall in Taylor

The IBEW Local 520’s new facility hall in Taylor has a clear purpose: to meet the growing demand for electricians in the area. This is mainly due to the soon-to-start Samsung Semiconductor plant construction. About 3,000 skilled electricians are needed for the expansion of Samsung’s operations,

Location, location, location

One significant advantage of the new IBEW 520 Hall is its close proximity to the Samsung job site. Just five minutes away, it offers a tremendous advantage in accessibility and convenience for our members working on the Samsung project. This close proximity saves valuable commuting time for current and future members of Local 520.

The hall will also serve as a venue for virtual Union meetings. With a dedicated space for such meetings, IBEW Local 520 ensures that discussions are productive, efficient and convenient.

Looking to the future

While the satellite location primarily addresses the immediate need, IBEW Local 520 has a vision for expansion. Eventually, the facility will be developed into a training center, offering comprehensive programs to nurture the next generation of skilled electricians. By doing so, Local 520 can better meet our objective to create a sustainable pipeline of well-trained professionals who can meet the evolving demands of the electrical industry.

The satellite hall officially opened on May 10, marking a significant milestone for IBEW Local 520 and the community it serves. The opening ceremony celebrated the culmination of extensive planning and hard work, symbolizing IBEW Local 520’s commitment to building stronger communities by providing skilled electricians.

Establishing a new IBEW Local 520 training center in Taylor goes beyond fulfilling the need for skilled electricians. It represents an investment in the community, supporting economic growth and ensuring safer and more efficient electrical infrastructure. With our new presence in Taylor, IBEW Local 520 is poised to make a lasting impact on the community, creating opportunities for aspiring electricians and contributing to the prosperity of Taylor and beyond.

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