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IBEW Local 520 Wage Scale

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 520 has a set wage scale, which is the same for all its contractors. 

Apprentices start out earning a livable wage. As they progress through the apprenticeship program, they begin to earn scheduled raises. When they complete their fifth-year of apprenticeship, they “top out” and receive their final scheduled pay raise.

Journeyman electricians earn an hourly base rate. Raises are stated in writing and negotiated between Local 520 and its contractors.

Local 520 also ensures electricians, who work more than 40-hours per week, will be paid one and a half times their normal hourly rate for every hour beyond 40 hours. Similarly, working on Sundays and holidays nets Local 520 electricians double their normal hourly rate.

With IBEW Local 520, men and women of all races are paid an equal, fair wage.

Please note that these wages provided below do not include benefits. 

Check out IBEW 520’s Pay Scale as of January 3, 2022:


50% 1st year$15.76
55% 1st year, 2nd 6 months$17.34
60% 2nd year:$18.91
70% 3rd year:$22.09
75% 4th year: $23.64
80% 5th year:$25.22


Base Scale:$31.52
Foreman: $34.67
Area Foreman:$37.82
General Foreman:$40.98

Construction Electrician

Experienced electricians lacking a journeyman’s license, level is based on skills evaluation
Level 1090% of base scale$28.37
Level 980% of base scale $25.22
Level 8 75% of base scale$23.64
Level 770% of base scale$22.06

Construction Wireman

Inexperienced electricians without a journeyman’s license, level is based on skills evaluation
Level 665% of base scale $20.49
Level 560% of base scale $18.91
Level 455% of base scale $17.34
Level 350% of base scale $15.76
Level 245% of base scale $14.18
Level 1Entry level $14.18
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