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One of the advantages of being a member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 520 is job placement opportunities.

As a member of Local 520, electricians can choose from a list of contractors with available jobs posted on our website. This means they do not have to search for work because the Local does it for them.

IBEW Local 520 - Electrical Workers - Jobsite

All Local 520 members have the ability to sign the “Out of Work” book when they are not working due to a lay-off, volunteer quit or termination for cause.

After signing the book, when work becomes available in the area, you will be put to work for a different contractor, who is lacking the manpower to meet the demands of their workload.

If work is slow in the Local 520 jurisdiction, but there is a need for manpower in another area, Local 520 members can travel to other IBEW Locals and “sign the book” to be put to work in that area.

As an apprentice, IBEW Local 520 members will be placed with a Local 520 contractor, so they can earn while they learn. This means apprentices work on-the-job alongside experienced journeyman electricians, learning how to perform the work, while also taking mandatory class instruction as well.

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