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IBEW Local 520 - Electricians

Earn your worth with IBEW Local 520!

IBEW Local 520 is actively recruiting licensed, journeyman electricians who are ready and willing to work! 

 There is plenty of work to be performed in the area! IBEW Local 520 signatory contractors are ready to immediately hire licensed, journeyman electricians.  

 For those with the proven skills and knowledge of the trade, work remains consistent and readily available.  

 In addition to the plentiful work opportunities, IBEW Local 520 has also negotiated a quality benefits package with their contractors that includes the following:

  • IBEW Local 520 members have their health insurance paid for by their employer. This health insurance covers your spouse and any dependents. The employer is responsible for 100 percent of the costs, including premiums. You pay nothing! While your current employer may “offer” health insurance, they likely charge you a certain amount per month on your paycheck to cover health insurance, which is deducted from your hourly rate. But because a Local 520 signatory contractor pays you your same hourly rate, you’ll actually see more money on your paycheck — since nothing is deducted for health insurance.
  • Local 520 members receive great retirement benefits. Instead of enrolling in a 401k plan, to which your current employer may or may not contribute, Local 520 members are invested in annuity plans. Local 520 signatory contractors are under an agreement where the employer is required to make contributions equal to a fixed percentage of the employees’ wages. Unlike other licensed journeymen, Local 520 members are not required to make contributions into this plan in order to benefit.
  • IBEW Local 520 members also receive a healthy pension upon retirement. This pension payout amount is guaranteed and not dependent on the stock market. Combined with the great annuity contribution agreement, this pension plan provides the security that our members will actually be able to retire at a reasonable age.
  • As a Local 520 member and employee of one of our signatory contractors, you are only required to provide yourself with a short list of hand tools. Local 520 signatory contractors are responsible for providing workers with all power tools, power tool batteries, hole saws, laser levels, ladders and more. This includes covering the replacement of damaged or stolen tools, batteries and parts.

Want to take advantage of the quality wages and great benefits earned by Local 520 members? Fill out the form below!

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