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As Austin and the surrounding region continues to grow, construction work plays a vital role in this progress and in supporting the local economy. The people performing this important work deserve to not only earn a proper wage, but also know they have some form of protection if something were to happen on a jobsite. 

Unfortunately, Texas law does not require an employer to pay workers’ compensation in the event of an on-the-job accident that results in an injury.

IBEW Local 520 believes establishing a guaranteed workers’ compensation law should be a high priority in Texas. 

For far too long, workers have been exposed to dangerous working conditions while trying to support their family. While they work, these men and women must deal with the fact that if they get hurt, they may not be entitled to any compensation.

Despite employers not being required to provide workman’s compensation, the IBEW Local 520 CBA requires all signatory contractors to pay workman’s compensation for any member hurt on-the-job.

When a worker is injured on the job, it is important they are compensated for any pay they miss while they recover and prepare to return to work. 

Protecting and supporting each other is what a union is all about. This is why IBEW Local 520 will continue to fight for a law to ensure all workers will be fairly compensated if they are injured on the job.

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