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IBEW Local 520 members receive industry leading training, which sets our members apart from our non-union counterparts.

Local 520 believes our registered apprenticeship program sets the industry to prepare electrical workers to work efficiently and safely.

New IBEW members, who enter the trade with little to no experience, are required to undergo a rigorous five-year apprenticeship program. This training creates the area’s top electricians, who produce high quality work.

Besides training apprentices, Local 520 journeymen take courses to bolster their capabilities in order to remain up-to-date on the latest industry trends, technology and changes to building codes.

Also, both apprentices and journey receive industry leading OSHA training to help keep them safe on the jobsite.

According to North America’s Building Trades Unions, “the Building Trades and partner contractors invest over $1.5 billion annually in U.S. apprentice and journey-level training.”

Members of IBEW 520 collectively put money from every paycheck toward training. This allows the fund to operate without any government support in the form of tax dollars, while also providing a practically free education to its apprentices. Our signatory contractors do the same, making our programs a true partnership.

At the Austin Electrical Training Alliance (AustinETA), our affiliated state-of-the-art training center,  apprentices and journeymen receive no-cost training to keep them at the forefront of the electrical industry.

This quality training helps them finish projects on time, as work is performed correctly the first time.

Our quality training also encompasses safety classes to ensure each member of Local 520 understands the potential dangers on a jobsite and how to avoid them so they are able to return home at the end of every work day. 

For more information about the quality training provided to IBEW 520 members, click here.

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