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Prevailing Wage allows local tradesmen and tradeswomen to earn a fair wage on public projects. By compensating construction workers fairly, the local area benefits.

Paying Prevailing Wage ensures publicly funded construction work is completed by highly skilled construction workers, who are properly trained to perform their jobs.

Currently, the state of Texas does not publish annual Prevailing Wage figures.

Despite not being required to report figures, the Texas Prevailing Wage law says payment of Prevailing Wage rates is required for labor on federal, state or other governmental projects. 

Along with our political allies, we have been successful in strengthening Prevailing Wage rates in the City of Austin, Travis County, the Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College and we are currently working to improve Prevailing Wages in the Del Valle Independent School District.

IBEW Local 520 believes Prevailing Wage is not only good for union construction workers, but it benefits the entire industry in Texas. When Prevailing Wage is paid, workers produce a higher quality product and families are given a greater opportunity to be financially successful.

Paying Prevailing Wage also provides a boost to the local economy. When local construction workers earn a Prevailing Wage, they have more income to spend within their community.

Studies in states across the country have produced data, which proves Prevailing Wage laws do not increase the cost of publicly funded projects. Contrary to what some may claim, paying Prevailing Wage has been found to lower total project costs due to the quality of work performed by contractors, who pay Prevailing Wage.

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