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IBEW 520 improves local construction standards

The members of IBEW Local 520 are involved in issues affecting the electrical construction industry, and fight efforts to restrict workers from coming together to improve working conditions.

We are constantly working to better construction standards by fighting the improper classification of independent contractors, expanding Prevailing Wage, enforcing quality construction and jobsite safety, advocating for workers’ compensation and partnering with our political allies at the local, state and national level to improve the lives of working people. 

The following issues are a driving force in the work we do to promote the highest standards of IBEW Local 520 and our skilled members.

Independent Contractor

In many fields, individuals have the opportunity to “be their own boss” working as an independent contractor. This can allow an individual to set their own hours, along with many other flexible options. For some individuals, this is an ideal way to balance work and other life issues.

Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage allows local tradesmen and tradeswomen to earn a fair wage on public projects. By compensating construction workers fairly, the local area benefits. Paying Prevailing Wage ensures publicly funded construction work is completed by highly skilled construction workers, who are properly trained to perform their jobs.

Quality Training

IBEW Local 520 members receive high quality industry training, which sets our members apart from our non-union counterparts. We proudly defend these programs from attacks, such as Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). Local 520 will continue to promote our registered apprenticeship program as the industry standard to prepare electrical workers to work efficiently and safely.

Workers’ Compensation

As Austin and the surrounding region continues to grow, construction work plays a vital role in that progress and in supporting the local economy. The people performing this important work deserve to not only earn a proper wage, but also know they have some form of protection if something were to happen on a jobsite.


Numerous studies have proven union construction workers make up the safest workforce in the construction industry. IBEW 520 believes safety training is critical to everyone on the job. We strongly support updated certifications and training through our actions. Through industry-leading OSHA safety training, IBEW Local 520 members efficiently complete tasks with minimal risk of injury.


IBEW 520, along with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, proudly support all workers. We defend the right to collectively bargain and other rights, which support the union construction industry. Being involved in politics is a critical part of this process — to make sure the voice of our members, and all working people, is heard.

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