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Brandt values being a signatory contractor to IBEW Local 520

Brandt values being a signatory contractor to IBEW Local 520

Brandt, a Southland Industries Company, partnered with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 520 in the fall of 2021, and just over a year later, the company is happy to be a signatory contractor. 

With $550 million in annual revenues, Brandt has established itself as the largest mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractor in the state.

The move to join the IBEW allowed Brandt to further the company’s commitment to its MEP strategy and increase its focus on electrical work.

A year after Brandt decided to join IBEW, an article in the company’s quarterly newsletter stated that approximately 94 percent of Brandt’s electrical employees joined Local 520 and are actively taking advantage of the opportunities provided.

Brandt values being a signatory contractor to IBEW Local 520
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Brandt decided to partner with IBEW to better the lives of their electrical employees by providing them with financial benefits and comprehensive training pathways. Since the transition, employees and executive workers have been able to reap the benefits IBEW has to offer. 

Brandt General Superintendent Jason Booker joined the IBEW and has experienced the union’s benefits ever since. 

“My experience as a Local member has been everything Brandt said it would be,” he said. “The healthcare, pay, and overall benefits package are good. Additionally, our manpower requests are handled diligently and timely, and the labor we are getting gets the job done.”

Being signatory to Local 520 allowed Brandt to introduce their members to exciting new trades in the electrical field while keeping their safety values instilled in existing and new employees.

Jason Reneria, Brandt Service Operations Manager, saw growth throughout the state after Brandt became a signatory contractor.

“Moving forward, we will be able to sustain growth with our electrical teams across the state, with the union providing the much-needed support for recruiting and training skilled personnel into the trade,” he said.

Brandt Field Operations Director Mike Lyles was happy to see the Local make the transition for Brandt employees as comfortable as possible.

“The Local staff was tremendously helpful in navigating the transition and answering all our questions.” 

To learn more about IBEW Local 520 and the trained workforce they represent, click here. 

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