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Austin named a ‘Top 5’ construction city for 2021

The construction industry is booming in Texas fueled by growth in a number of industry sectors. Whether it is the growth and expansion within the energy sector or new tech companies flocking to the state, the need for quality construction and renovation in Texas is not going away anytime soon.

And no surprise to anyone in these parts, Austin is a major hub for the Texas construction boom. Recent projects, such as the new Austin F.C. stadium, Tesla manufacturing facility and future Apple expansion are just some of the giant projects driving the need for quality construction.

A Jan. 12 Construction Dive article placed Austin in the top five cities expected to see construction growth in 2021, which presents positive news for the members of Local 520, as well as the ongoing recruitment efforts to attract new members.

The story cites companies and investors looking to take advantage of low taxes and other corporate incentives offered in Texas.

“Some companies have announced that they were headed to Austin as well as to other areas of the Lone Star State to take advantage of relatively low taxes and a business-friendly environment,” Construction Dive reported.

The article goes on to mention some of the other aspects that make Austin a great place for people to live and work.

“Austin also offers plenty in the way of entertainment, as well as social and recreational opportunities, which are a big draw.”

Unlike other cities throughout the U.S., the Austin construction industry experienced a relatively small impact from the COVID-19 pandemic — at least in terms of any work stoppages or slow down. The large amount of ongoing construction before the pandemic, and the industry being deemed essential, left construction workers in the city busy.

An AECOM Hunt official said that residential projects are driving the downtown construction industry. There is currently a high demand for mid- and high-rise residential buildings, as more people flock to the area.

The best part of this expected continuation of construction in the Austin area is the outlook for members of Local 520. As the premier electrical construction workforce of central Texas, IBEW Local 520 members are looking at having an abundance of work for some time into the future.

The article lists four other cities leading the way in 2021 construction including, Miami, Buffalo, Chicago and Seattle.

If you are interested in working with your hands, starting a career and completing a registered apprenticeship program without taking on any debt, while earning a livable wage, quality benefits and more, apply to become a Local 520 apprentice.

Similarly, experienced tradesmen and tradeswomen seeking higher wages and a safer work environment are encouraged to apply for membership.

If you have any questions about IBEW Local 520, please contact us.

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