Local 520 is excited to announce that our own Matthew Gursslin won the 2017 Seventh District Apprenticeship Contest!

The best apprentices over 5 states go head to head performing trade skill tasks and utilizing theory. The competition combines safety, accuracy of practical tasks and a written test of electrical theory and codes. Contestants must solve problems covering complex motor controls and hook up three-phase and buck-boost transformers.

Brother Gursslin has been a Local 520 member since 2013 and is an active member of RENEW.

Over the past 40 years other Local 520 winners include:

2012- Ben Brenneman- current Recording Secretary, Local 520
1997- Gabe Flores- current Apprentice Instructor, AETA
1996- Art Hernandez- Member since December 1991

Please help congratulate Matt on an excellent job. His success is well deserved and we are proud to have him as part of the Local 520 brotherhood.